Water Soluble


VET E-SEL is an organic compound consisted of Vitamin E and Selenium, that complement each other to improve animal’s immune system and minimize stress in livestock production.

1. Immune Enhancer and Reproductive Integrity
2. Speeds up egg production recovery from diseases, Improvement egg shell & albumin quality
3. Increases egg production, fertility, hatchability and get more DOC

Application : Poultry (Breeder, Layer, Broiler)
Apply 1-2 ml per 1 liter of drinking water.

Packaging : 1 liter bottle.













MINO-PLUS is a blended liquid form of concentrated fat-soluble vitamins,
water-soluble vitamins and amino acids. It can be used as a supplement to maintain a healthy level of vitamins and amino acids whenever there is
stress-related farm activity, temperature changes, and disease challenge in the farm.

1. Contains highly bioavailable source of amino acids.
2. Faster passage rate of nutrients on the stomach thusincreasing rate of absorption in the small intestine.
3. It has superior solubility thus reduces clogging in drinking water lines.
4. Has a stable formulation of vitamins and amino acids.

: Poultry (Breeder, Layer, Broiler)
: Apply 1ml per 2-3 liter of drinking water.

Packaging :
1 liter bottle.