Water Soluble


Chelasol-Broiler mainly contain organic mineral manufactured by reacting amino acids with minerals in a proper balanced ratio to produce a soluble organic mineral. This process produces a Chelasol-Broiler which is highly bioavailable to all kinds of poultry. It is more reality absorbed and utilized.

Chelasol-Broiler is a liquid clear formulation containing organic mineral, amino acid as well as methionine and electrolyte as per the following formulation.
– Improve general health.
– Better weight gain and growing rate.
– Better feed conversion ratio.
– Reduce incidence of diseases.
– Help increase immunity significantly after vaccination.
– Dilute 1-2 ml per 1 liter of drinking water.

– Broiler
– Apply 1-2 ml per 1 liter of drinking water.
1 liter bottle.














SKELTA is a highly concentrate of trace minerals in organic form of Copper, Zinc, Iron and Manganese. This organic form (bis-glycinate chelate) has increased the easy assimibility. It also contains large amounts of amino acids, which are assimilated together with trace minerals to help solving the technopathies (growth and nutritional problems of bone skeletal), those shown by the unwanted characterize skeletal caused by deficiency of Copper, Zinc, Iron and Manganese.


Poultry 350-500 ml / 1,000 Liters in drinking water for up to 5-7 days

Cattle 200-350 ml / 1,000 Liters in drinking water for up to 5-7 days

25 liters













ORGASOL Ex is highly bioavailable mineral for poultry and ruminants, Improving the effectiveness of calcium absorption, also increasing bone mineral density and reduced risk of deficiency minerals from feeds.





  • Increases absorption of calcium and contributes to eggshell thickness
  • Improves gut health and digestibility
  • Enhances egg production and size
  • Improves efficiency of feed per egg ratio
  • ncreases fertility & hatchability
  • Increases breast meat yield


  • Improves feed efficiency in feedlot cattle
  • Increases milk production under some conditions in dairy cows
  • Reduces the severity of non-clinical ketosis in lactating dairy cows
  • Promotes stimulate  immunity and reproductive performance
  • Helps to develop the rumen wall and increase nutrient absorption


Poultry (breeder, layer, broiler) : 1 ml per 3-5 liters of drinking water

Cattle (dairy cattle, beef cattle) : 1 bottle (500 ml) per animal

1 liter