Soil improvement


Compositions :
Amino acid , Zinc , Magnesium oxide, Iron, Manganese
FERTIMAX MINON is amino acid and minerals effect on plants : protein synthesis, stress resistance, effect of photosynthesis, action on the stomas, chelating effect, amino acids & phytohormones pollination and fruit formation.
FERTIMAX MINON effect on soil : increase microbial activity and microbial balance in the soil.
The application of FERTIMAX MINON for foliar use is based on its requirement by plants in general and at critical stages of growth in particular plants absorb amino acids through stomas and is proportional to environment temperature, to enhance fruit size development, especially after period of withered petal which is crisis for enlarging fruit size, stimulate cell division and enlargement resulting in fast fruit development, increase fruition, reduce fruit rotting off.

Dilute 1 tablet FERTIMAX MINON with 100 liters water, to be applied by spray on the leaf. FERTIMAX MINON can be used on legumes, grain crops, root crops, cucurbits, cole crops, leafy vegetables, woody and herbaceous ornamentals, deciduous fruits, vine crops, tropical and subtropical fruits, and many other crops.

Packaging :
5 grams per tablet