ALGAE-ONE is a dried microscopic vegetable. It is an edible blue-green microalgae that contains an
incredible amount of protein, beta carotene, and is the world’s richest source of Vitamin B-12. It is an
ideal food for many aquatic organisms and when used as a feed, or feed-additive, it is excellent for the
culture of penaeid. Freshwater shrimp, fish larvae, and even Artemia. It has been proven that feedings
of Spirulina will increase fertility and reproduction ; weight gain ; coloration and appetite in many
species will improve

Product Analyze
Protein , Min : 60-70% Carbohydrate, Min : 15-25%
Minerals, Min : 7-10% Fat, Min : 1%
Fiber, Max : 2-3% Moisture , Max : 3-7 %

Zoea1 – Mysis3 : 3-4 tea spoon per time. (1,000,000 larva)
PL1 – PL3 : 5-6 tea spoon per time.(100,000 larvae)

Packaging :
450 grams per bag